Monday, August 4, 2008

Where do you store your threads?

I bought these beautiful peacock-coloured threads from The Thread Studio many years ago but was frustrated whenever I tried to use them as the thread would break constantly. I would thread the machine, start sewing, the thread would break, I'd thread the machine, start sewing the thread would break ... over and over until I got bored with the whole thing and abandoned my attempts at machine embroidery.

Recently, Doreen suggested that I put them in the fridge for a few hours before using them. Of course, I put them in the fridge and then forgot about them until John was putting groceries away that evening.

'Why', he asked in a voice suggesting that I was well on the way down the dementia path, 'are there threads in the fridge'.
'Oh yes', I replied, much to his bewilderment, 'they should be ready now'.

John was very relieved to find that I hadn't put the milk in the craft room and I was delighted with my results when I had another go at machine embroidery with the threads:
Thank you, Doreen, for the tip.