Friday, February 6, 2009

Dale's challenge

My recent silence hasn't been because of lack of activity on my part. At the beginning of January, I made two entries for Dale Rollerson's Embellish Stitch Enrich Challenge. Actually, I worked on several ideas before settling on these pieces.

This one is called 'When a butterfly flaps its wings . . .' The theme for the challenge is Connections and this piece represents the connections between people and the environment. I had very few green fabrics for the background, so had to go off to Spotlight yet again.

The second piece is called 'Ties that bind'. It represents the myriad diverse connections we form with others throughout our lives – with family, friends, classmates, teachers, colleagues and the many other people we connect with over the years. Some connections are short, while others last a lifetime; some are strong, others weak; some are gentle, others are harsh. They all contribute to the fabric of our lives.