Friday, December 12, 2008

Desperately seeking tambour patterns

I want to do some tambour embroidery. I have the necessary hoop on a stand, tambour hook, fabric and lots and lots of threads ... but I can't find a pattern. I just want something simple and easy to do that looks reasonably good but extensive Googling has failed me. I've found a few pictures of tambour work but nothing that I could just copy and start on. I've also contacted some embroidery shops but without success.

I've learned a lot about tambour embroidery and it seems that Limerick lace uses the same technique. However, it just doesn't seem to be the 'flavour of the month' at present, although Inspirations seemingly included a design a few months ago (no longer in the shops).

I'll go back to embellishing and machine embroidery and hope that something turns up eventually.

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maggi said...

Monica, you might like to try Sharon B's blog site which is If you go onto that and click on 'about' at the top it takes you to the page about her and there is a bit on the right near the bottom that gives you the chance to contact her and ask for advice. She is a well known embroiderer and is very helpful. I have taken a couple of classes with her and she is very generous with her knowledge. Worth a try and you have nothing to lose. Maggi