Thursday, March 5, 2009

Doing my bit for the economy

I've added a few things to my stash recently. The first photo shows items I picked up when all fabrics at Lincraft were reduced in price.

Then, last Friday, I had a wonderful time at the craft fair in Melbourne. I was like in a kid in a lolly shop. I had to wait for my son to meet me after work, so I wandered around for hours. Most of my goodies, pictured below, came from The Thread Studio but I also picked up some fabric and beads at the South Melbourne Markets the next day. I haven't had time to play with any of them yet but I love just looking at them.

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maggi said...

Lots of lovely goodies. They should keep you happy for some time to come. I paid a visit to Sarah Lawrence at Craft Notions on Tuesday and did far too much for the economy - it has started me embellishing again though. Maggi