Monday, January 18, 2010

The last remnants of Christmas

I've finally finished the last of the sewing I started before Christmas - and Emma now has lots of these little body suits.

I managed to make every possible mistake while making these. I realised I could get the two patterned ones out of the piece of fabric I'd bought, instead of just one, if I was careful cutting it out but then cut one sleeve out using the wrong size pattern piece. Despite that mistake, I managed to cut out the two garments and then sewed the two fronts together and the two backs together. Having corrected that mistake, I then sewed the pink terry toweling garment together so that the front overlapped the back at the neck, instead of the other way around. But they are together in the right order now.


Doreen G said...

I had to laught at you sewing the pink one up side down.
I remember once trying to fit a sleeve into a neckline once---great learning curve.

maggi said...

Lovely little outfits which all turned out well in the end.