Saturday, April 17, 2010

Keepsake purse

I have ended up with a lot of my mother's things and finding homes for some of them has been a bit of a challenge. I thought one of my nieces would appreciate a pair of her rosary beads as a memento of her grandmother. However, I then decided that it would be nice to make a little purse to store them in. A year or so later, I've finally made the purse - it's machine quilted using one of the built-in stitches on my new machine. I'll post them off on Monday - I hope my niece likes it.


maggi said...

What a lovely way to keep something precious.

maggi said...

Thanks for the blog comment Monica. I am warming to Sidney although it rained today and there are lots of his relatives on the path outside. I know what you mean about books, I love all kinds and cannot imagine a life without them.

I hope you had a fantastic time with Jan and Jean.

I am having problems replying to you by email. Keep getting them back saying undeliverable. Hence replying on here!