Sunday, December 5, 2010

I like water features but . . .

After nearly 10 years of drought, we have had a lot of rain lately. Yesterday evening our front garden was re-landscaped by a very severe storm. We were out at the time and returned home to find neighbours trying to get the water to drain before too much got into the house. Fortunately, only the garage was really damaged but we spent hours moving boxes out of the water and putting things out to dry. It's one way to tidy up the garage. However, the whole house is now quite muddy and needs a good spring clean. And we are very grateful to our neighbour, Tim, and my brother, Pat, who spent hours helping us cope with the worst of the deluge - and bucketing water away to prevent the garage flooding again.

Umm, where's the road?

Our house is on the left of this photo (out of view). We've never seen this 'creek' before - we've rarely seen even a puddle here. In fact, the tree in the photo is one of the few that survived the drought - most of them died from lack of water.

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maggi said...

Oh my gosh, that looks worse than it sounded. Hope that things don't get any worse for you.