Sunday, January 23, 2011

Start with a piece of calico

I decided to participate in this year's holiday challenge for ACT Textile Arts. The only requirements were to make a journal cover, starting with a piece of calico (the calico didn't have to be visible at the end). I used calico, brown paper, copper metallic paint, machine embroidery thread - and beeswax.

And here's my completed journal cover. I'm quite pleased with it, although I've learned a lot about the construction process.

I painted the paper, scrunched it up (lots of fun and very good for relieving stress) and fused it to the calico. I then embroidered words onto it, using a font built into my sewing machine, and finally rubbed beeswax all over it. There is a magnetic catch to hold it closed.


sleepydwarf said...

Wow that looks really cool! Love the colour of the paper & the scrunched look is really great :)

maggi said...

That is gorgeous