Sunday, October 30, 2011

The last page . . . and a new beginning

In February last year, I embarked on Sharon Boggan's Studio Journal Course with great hopes, of course, for the wonderful work that I was going to produce. And, naturally, things didn't go to plan - my workload increased dramatically and I was too tired in the evenings or on weekends to tackle anything creative. However, I've returned to my journal and course notes from time to time and today I finally finished the book I started more than a year and a half ago.

This is the last page, trying out stamps I purchased relatively recently from Hot Potatoes.

I then found a book for the next instalment.

When I opened it, I found that I'd already made some entries in it, with one page dated 2005. Obviously, I've been trying to get a studio journal going for some time. The first entry related to a crazy patchwork quilt, which I made as a housewarming present for a friend, and which has been hanging in her lounge room for several years now.

I wonder how long it will take me to finish this book.


sleepydwarf said...

I'm glad you finally finished it! A studio journal sounds like a really interesting idea. I guess I could do something similar for scrapbooking pages. I already have a book where I sketch out possible layouts but it would be fun to add in colour swatches, stamps etc as well as i come across them so I don't forget them. Probably not exactly the same thing as what you're doing but could be very useful in keeping all my ideas in one place.

Monica said...

Thanks for your comments, sleepydwarf. I think a studio journal is useful for any creative activity. It's a tool to keep track of and develop ideas. Sharon Boggan says in her course notes that there's no right or wrong way of doing anything in a studio journal - it's all about what suits you.

So good luck with yours.

Maggi said...

Well done for finishing it. I did this class as well and mine is still a work in progress.