Sunday, August 11, 2013

The mysteries of scissors

Late last year both of my pairs of embroidery scissors went missing. I knew they must be in my craft room somewhere, possibly tucked away with WIPs, but I couldn't find either pair. I decided I could use another pair and looked around the sewing shops but couldn't find anything I liked. John then bought me a pair of fine-point craft scissors from The Scissorman - and the missing scissors suddenly emerged from their hiding places, including these beautiful German scissors:

Unfortunately, the other two pairs, including the newly-purchased craft scissors, have since disappeared - perhaps they ran away with each other. So at the craft fair last week, I was like a kid in a candy store at The Scissorman stall. First of all, I saw these cute and colourful scissors - they have very fine points and cost only $12 for 3 pairs:

Then I saw these - more expensive but they contain vanadium. I have no idea what vanadium is but it must be good - right?

And then I saw these - they're smaller than the others and they were on special.

Okay, so perhaps I didn't need another 5 pairs of embroidery scissors but the real question is: how long will it be before these scissors also disappear into a worm hole?


Maggi said...

Lovely purchases. I have this wonderful mental picture of all your 'lost' scissors partying away very night while you are asleep!

sleepydwarf said...

I could write this same post about metal rulers .... ;-)